Salève – Paragliding

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Salève – Climbing & Paragliding

Salève near Geneva. Ideal for hiking, climbing and paragliding.

Why not combine three activities in one?
Departure point: Coin quarry (former quarry on the Salève) where most of the climbing trails begin.
First stage: Climb the Salève on the Nationale, one of the mountain’s oldest climbing trails. This little-known hiking trail is relatively easy and snakes through the lines on the cliff side. After spending the first stage on a pathway, we will rope up for the rest of the journey.

Climbing stages alternate with footpaths. You’ll discover another side to Geneva as you get higher up the mountain.

When we leave the Nationale, we will have to cross the legendary Trou de la Mule in the cliff side in front of us. We will enter the famous “trou” (hole) and come out on the other side of the cliff. Then we just have to reach the take-off point where a qualified two-seater pilot will take you into the air for a bird’s eye view of the Salève.

You will land at the Club de Vol Libre de Troinex where we will have a drink and a bite to eat on their lovely terrace!

  • Ideal period: April – September in the afternoon
  • Minimum number of participants: 1
  • Price: 1 pers/550.00 CHF  – 2 ppl @ 380.00 CHF per person

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