Mont Cervin / Matterhorn

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4478m of African mountain on the Matterhorn

Why African?
Because it’s part of the African plate geologically speaking. It’s also probably the most famous Swiss icon. Some see it as a difficult climb whilst others think it’s the best ascent around. If you can only climb one mountain in the Alps, this is probably one of the most exciting.

Who hasn’t dreamt of climbing to the top? A difficult climb, a sharp ridge, a tarnished reputation following the first tragic climb and now crowds of mountain climbers come to set foot on the summit one after the other. The Matterhorn could be one of the best climbs in the Alps and is certainly one of the best peaks to reach.

It’s down to personal choice but how you explore the mountain may sway your opinion!

Take the time to train, avoid the summer months and wait for September. With a bit of patience you could do the climb in the optimal weather conditions. The crowds go back to the cities and, although it’s not empty, the mountain is more peaceful. The ascent is for experienced climbers with a few climbs under their belt. It’s consistent without being difficult.

The ascent lasts 8-9 hours non-stop with some vertical climbs equipped with ladders or ropes to hold onto as you climb up!

  • Ideal period: July – September
  • Suggested excursion dates: Contact us
  • Number of participants: 1
  • Price/person: 2800.00 CHF

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