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The “Haute Route” Zermatt – Chamonix

The most famous Haute Route! Why do it from back to front? We want to offer something a bit different. We write from left to right so why not experience the Haute Route this way?

The first was done from right to left and it became the norm. In a way, it’s nicer to do it backwards. There are fewer people in the morning so you get a greater sense of fulfilment when you can experience the landscape alone. The journey ends at the foot of the highest mountain: Mont Blanc. The Haute-Route is a way to get used to the conditions before you decide to take on Mont Blanc.

Daily stages of 5-7 hours (max.), journey mainly composed of glaciers with the option to climb some peaks along the way.

  • Ideal period: June to September
  • Suggested excursion dates: July 15th to  20 &  September 16 to 21 2013
  • Minimum number of participants:
  • Price/person: 2100.00 CHF

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